It has now been two weeks since I left home, and a full week since my arrival at Pamoja. I am settling in. The days here take on an entirely different shape than they do at home. They seem longer, stretched from top to bottom, giraffe-like. In the morning I wake to the sound of wood bees. Big black buggers buzzing outside my window. By mid-afternoon I retreat to my room. I don’t do anything, just lie on my bed and think. This is how I fill my day. In the evenings we’ll watch movies or play games. We tried playing cards the other night, but couldn’t remember the rules to any games but Crazy 8s. After two hands I collapsed on the couch, and all three of us fell asleep. I think we’re more relaxed than tired.

My favourite moments are when I escape from Pamoja. I’ve started jogging with Davin. We run through cornfields just before sunset, Meru and Kili over our shoulders. The elevation steals my breathe two-thirds of the way through the run. I pant and crumble when we make it home. On Sunday afternoons we visit an outdoor pool at a local hotel. We lie on our backs as our bodies dry, watching monkeys play in the trees behind us. As the sun sinks I begin a new novel, letting the day skip away.


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