Tengeru Market

I went to the Tengeru Market today, a crowd of colours. Live chickens held by their feet, upside down and on display. More fruits and vegetables than you could find in any supermarket back home. Bunches of bananas. Beans, nuts, and seeds. An entire neighbourhood of shoes, over half a dozen rows lining up the street, followed by a compatible amount of clothing: piles and piles of shirts, sweaters, socks and undergarments, all wrinkled and ruffled. Kangas arranged in the shape of cones. The only thing unappealing was the stench of garbage and compost rotting in the ground.

We took the scenic route home: passed maize with stalks ten feet high and cattle grazing in fields without fences under the watchful eye of a herdsman.


2 Responses

  1. sounds wonderful, except the garbage smell. Whenever I smell burning garbage in NA, I think of the city of Maputo, Mozambique. It always smells like burnt garbage. Odors and aromas are the guardians of memory. I like that.

  2. your description reminds me a lot of Nigeria.

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