On Friday a young family from Canada is arriving to help out with the musical. As a result I am being kicked out of the Brown House. I’m moving in with the Namibian. Davin is a white MK who has yet to leave the continent. He’s teaching me Swahili. I’m teaching him sass. There are some immediate advantages to the new place: a refrigerator, better internet, a closer proximity to the Studio and the Corner House, and a bathroom with a mirror above the sink (my previous bathroom had an unfortunate arrangement that forced me to sit on the floor with a bucket in order to shave).

This will be the first time I’ve had a roommate since I was four, when I shared a room with my brother. There was more than one instance when he fell off the top bunk in his sleep. I can only hope that this roommate is full of just as much hilarity and pain.


4 Responses

  1. I’m sure you’ll make a good teacher of sass, given that it is your first language.

  2. Contrary to popular belief, sass is not actually my first language. My native tongue is shyness, and it is always my default. I picked up a few phrases of politeness throughout my childhood, though I have not retained everything. I learned sarcasm from watching too much TV and listening to my brothers. But it wasn’t until Trinity that I really became voiced in sass. Lately I’ve been learning the delicate language of anecdotes.

  3. kristen stole my comment. thanks for the explanation, though. who knew that sass was a more recent joel-ism?
    i’m still thoroughly jealous of your africa adventures. otterville just doesn’t compare.

  4. Roommates who know Swahili are the best! (so I’ve heard.)

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