There is so much here I have yet to discover. I walked a 100 meters in a new direction today and discovered whole valleys I never knew existed. Vast fields of hay cultivated and carried by local workers. There are so many details I don’t know how to connect. I spend my days telling stories, relaying details of the Larium inspired dreams I’ve been having, missing shades of home. We shop for your rejected hand-me-downs at the market: everything from dress shirts and undergarments to Vancouver Grizzlies Ts and Wal-Mart vests.

We live under the shadow of giants. Mt. Meru, our modest mother, hides her face under a veil of clouds, while our father Kili watches over us from afar. Everything is distance and knowable, vibrant and fading. The dusty continent is an unpublished novel, an unspoken dream, indescribable and discovered daily.


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  1. lovely entry. it would be nice to see a photo or two to match these descriptions.

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