I’ve been having a lot of strange dreams lately, a side effect of taking Larium pills to prevent malaria. One of the dreams had my best friend Mike stepping out of character and becoming a shy ESL immigrant. Another was about the rapture taking place at the side of a Toyota dealership in White Rock. And the most famous one (here at Pamoja, since I relay all of my strange dreams) had me giving birth. I blame my constant snacking and the following cravings on this pregnancy:

Angel Food Cake with roasted almost, strawberries, and vanilla ice cream. Bubble Tea. Cookies & Cream ice cream in a fresh waffle cone. Cream Soda, Rootbeer, and Sprite Slurpee from Red Rooster. McDonald’s McChicken burger and fries. Side Kicks fettuccine Alfredo. Thai Toms. Tim Hortons Maple Dip donut and a medium hot chocolate.


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  1. Ummm do you have a mailing address? Because I just might be able to fulfill that sidekicks craving (seeing as how it’s the only shippable thing on your list)! 🙂

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