Today is Saba Saba, the Seventh of Seven, a national holiday in Tanzania. Since the town was closed down for the day, and so was our production, we decided to take advantage of a rare day off and go paragliding. Our friend Per took us up a hill southwest of the city where the land is vast and transient. From the hilltop Meru is strong and clear, and so is the wind. We took turns at tandem, as Per put us in flight. In the air you feel little resistance, you simply float. Catch the right thermals and you can stay up for an hour. We stayed out ‘til sunset, orange embers burning out on the hills behind us. Exhausted from the sun we descended the hill to a three course feast awaiting us at Per and Miriam’s. A great end to a great day.


2 Responses

  1. Your posts are novel-esque and make me feel like I am experiencing it myself.

    Any photos?

  2. The majority of the photos I take are film. I do take some digital, but it’s almost impossible to upload them with our slow internet connection. You’ll just have to wait until October (and so will I).

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