Last night as we were heading out for dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant, Liz discovered a snake on her doorstep. She rushed off and found Davin and the rest of us waiting by the car. You will never see anyone move so swiftly on crutches than a Namibian on a snake hunt. The rest of us guys (and Nadine) followed tentatively in Davin’s wake. When we reached her door, Davin saw the snake slither underneath a large stone slab. Ignoring warnings, Davin lifted up the slab to reveal the black serpent. It was a spitting cobra, about half a meter long. Spitting cobras project a venomous spray at their victims eyes, blinding them permanently. They can project accurately up to eight feet. We were all within that distance. Without hesitation Davin brought the foot of his crutch down on the cobra’s head. We watched it wrestle and writhe in a slow death over the next few minutes.

Liz did the best thing possible in this situation. When danger arrives in Africa, you run and find a Namibian.


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