There is a long discussion over what constitutes the heart of Paris. Perhaps it is Eiffel’s temporary tower, loved so much that it gained eternal life. Or maybe it is Parisians favourite avenue, le Seine. It certainly runs through the centre of the city. In the middle of the river is the Ill de la Cite, where Natre Dame is found, its beauty particularly arresting even by Parisian standards. Le Sacre Couer certainly has the proper namesake to gain the title, and the views it offers of the great city are unmatched. I’ve also read one writer argue that Beaubourg Plaza in front of the Centre Pompidou deserves the title with its buzz of buskers and street performers. I won’t attempt to resolve this matter, rhetorical in its nature, but perhaps the heart of Paris can’t be pinned down. It’s more than one place. It’s the whole idea of Paris. It’s the melodies drifting down metro tunnels from violinists. It’s the lovers kissing on the river banks. It’s the air of pride Parisians carry themselves with, the wine running through their veins. The very idea of Paris lies in its people, not its architecture. The heart of Paris is everlasting.


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  1. I can’t imagine pinning it down either. Nicely said.

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