A Story in Twenty-Four Parts

I like your coat.

I want to speak these words but my mouth is as numb as my rain-cold hands. Green Eyes stands next to me on this cozy-crowded bus, catching my glances, smiling invitingly. This happens sometimes: an opportunity presents itself round and crisp like an egg, begging to be cracked open.

I like your coat. Four simple words: a basic compliment, that’s all. It’s not a very good conversation starter, it doesn’t even warrant a response. I stay silent, nervously awaiting my stop.

I pull the wire, step off the bus, and there she is: sitting on a fence with her spade tail flitching beneath her, licking her paws. Without even lifting her eyes in acknowledgement she says, “You’re pathetic.”


2 Responses

  1. Heatache.

  2. aww.

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